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Dr. John Wesley Zwomunondiita Kurewa

Garrett Theological Seminary 1967

The Kurewa Chair, E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism; Vice Chancellor Emeritus, Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe

Dr. John Wesley Zwomunondiita Kurewa graduated from Garrett Theological Seminary in 1967 with a Bachelor of Divinity degree. Since that time, he has received multiple degrees—both earned and honorary—and has served in varied roles in both the U.S. and Africa. Still, he cherishes his time at Garrett and credits the experience with helping him find his place in African society.

In describing the essence of his ministry, Dr. Kurewa begins with the notion of study. He finds most rewarding the diligent exploration of Scripture, as well as ongoing inquiry in his areas of teaching interest—evangelism, theology, and preaching. His desire to diligently study Scripture grows out of his commitment to Christ, a commitment that has and will continue to shape both his life and his ministry. These two commitments—to Christ and to ongoing study—are what Dr. Kurewa has come to see as the core of his ministry, shaping his one-on-one interactions with others as well as his teaching in a church, school, or other organization.

As he engages in a ministry fueled by a commitment to Christ, diligent study, and a desire to serve with and for others, he credits the faith of his parents as a source of ongoing inspiration. While they were not pastors or professionals in ministry themselves, their faith and service greatly influenced his life; in fact, they were in constant prayer for all nine of their children, hoping that at least one would enter the ministry. This Christian commitment Dr. Kurewa recognizes as essential to his own work; witnessing his parent’s faith and nurture—driven by the inspiration they received from Christ and Christ’s work through them in their care and guidance of him—built a foundation and a commitment to Christ that still guides him today.

While many years removed from his education at Garrett Theological Seminary (the name of Garrett-Evangelical at that time), Dr. Kurewa continues to call on his seminary education in his scholarship and ministry, particularly his work as teaching faculty at Africa University as a professor of evangelism. His hope is that CBE will continue its support of the Black church by expanding its reach and research to the experiences of Black people and communities scattered across the continents—in particular, the Black experience in Africa, its history, religion, and experience under colonial rule and slavery. As the Black church continues to grow and change, Garrett-Evangelical has the opportunity to be on the forefront supporting the ministry and scholarship of the Black church around the world.

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